In late 2012, Gail Scott, Legacy Art Historian, and Robert Stahl visited the home of George and Diana Schnake. George and Diana were close friends of the Huberts, and have long been major Fitzgerald enthusiasts and supporters. In 1990 – 1992, the Schnakes visited the Huberts in Dover, MA on several occasions and made recordings of their conversations. These oral history tapes encompass several hours, and have now been digitized at the University of Maine. We are in the process of having them keyworded and transcribed. In addition to the wonder of being able to hear the voices of Anne and Ed again, these tapes provide detailed insight into the working of the Huberts as they managed the Fitzgerald estate.

We are sad to report that George Schnake passed away on February 13, 2014, at his home on Bailey Island. Our sympathies go out to Diana in her time of loss.

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