About the Catalogue Raisonné

The James Fitzgerald Catalogue Raisonné embraces all types of media, including the primary ones of oil and watercolor, as well as the many other media on paper: Chinese ink monochrome, gold, silver, and copper leaf, charcoal, pencil, and pen and ink.

The Legacy maintains and presents the artist’s catalogue raisonné in three formats:

—The Monhegan Museum of Art & History maintains an in-depth archival database of the artist’s complete catalogue raisonné within its FileMaker Pro system. This official catalogue raisonné is a confidential and detailed record that is available to the museum’s curators and staff, as well as visiting scholars, for research purposes. This database contains all known documented works by the artist, including those works that have not yet been captured in high resolution digital imaging. As of June 2020, there are a total of 2394 works by the artist that have been documented for inclusion in the database.

—The web-based publication presented here provides a current and easily accessible resource that is publicly available for scholars and collectors. The web provides an opportunity for those interested in the work of James Fitzgerald to have access to the broad spectrum of his work not available in any hard-copy publication. Works are added to this site when high resolution digital images become available. As of June 2020, 1001 works have been added to the website.

—The Legacy has as a goal to present print publications of Selections from the catalogue raisonné. JAMES FITZGERALD: THE DRAWINGS AND SKETCHES Selections from the Catalogue Raisonné, Volume I was published by the Legacy in 2017. The goal of these publications is to present major works accompanied by a scholarly examination of the artist’s work and career. Volume II, focusing on the watercolors is in preparation for release in 2022.

It is the objective of the Legacy to make images of Fitzgerald’s work, as well as other information, such as exhibitions and provenance, available as soon as high resolution images become available, rather than waiting for the print publication. As such, it is important to recognize that information is added, and the online catalogue modified, as new information and new images come to light. Should you have information about a particular work that is not reflected in the catalogue, we would like to hear from you.

Statement of Copyright
The James Fitzgerald Legacy seeks to find a balance between historically appropriate uses of Fitzgerald’s artistic imagery and the communication of his legacy to increasingly broad audiences through new online technologies. This website, and all information it contains, is for educational purposes only. The James Fitzgerald Legacy retains the sole copyright to the design, layout, and all written and photographic content of this website other than materials quoted or reproduced herein with attribution to or permission from other sources.

Rights and Reproductions
Should you wish to reproduce any images or text found here, you must contact the Legacy and obtain written permission. The copyright to all works by James Fitzgerald, the historic houses once owned by him on Monhegan Island and now owned by the Monhegan Museum of Art & History, and the texts and images on this website are expressly reserved by the James Fitzgerald Legacy and the Monhegan Museum of Art & History.

Interested parties must contact the James Fitzgerald Legacy to obtain prior written permission to copy or reproduce any of the works, texts, or images in any form. All approved copies and reproductions must bear the copyright credit “© James Fitzgerald Legacy.” Caption information is obligatory, and correct citations must be secured prior to publication. Additional reproduction policies and procedures may apply and will be communicated by the Legacy. Formal application for permission for any reproduction, illustration, text, or other use must be made in writing, well in advance of the planned date for the publication or use.

Unlocated Works
Although every effort has been made to track down the location or fate of every known work by Fitzgerald, either through the Estate records compiled by Anne M. Hubert, or through gallery records, sales, or catalogs and reviews of exhibitions, there remain works that have not yet been located or are unaccounted for. Some of these have been catalogued to the greatest extent possible, but often with only the briefest information. Eventually, the Fitzgerald online Catalogue Raisonné will contain a list of works with unknown locations or owners. In the meantime, if you believe that you own or know of a work by Fitzgerald and want to find out if we have a record of it, we would very much like to hear from you, please click here to contact us.

Through connoisseurship and technical examination, the James Fitzgerald Legacy hopes to assist the public in the confirmation of correct attribution and provenance of the artist’s extensive oeuvre. Individuals or institutions who believe they have a work by Fitzgerald and wish to authenticate its authorship should contact the Director of the Catalogue Raisonné to learn of the formal process and procedures. Authentication rests with the James Fitzgerald Legacy Committee in consultation with scholars with appropriate expertise in Fitzgerald’s work. For more information, please contact us.

Registering a work by James Fitzgerald
The goal of the Fitzgerald Catalogue Raisonné is to include the complete provenance of all known work created by the artist. We are equally interested in learning of current and previous owners.

Please Contact the Legacy to register each Fitzgerald work(s) you own or have owned in the past. Every work should be registered as a separate submission. The Legacy is glad to provide a Letter of Authenticity for successfully documented and registered works.

PLEASE NOTE that submission of a registration request does not guarantee inclusion in the Fitzgerald Catalogue Raisonné. Once the Legacy Committee has reviewed a registration submission, we will inform you whether the work is a known Fitzgerald. If it is not known, we will supply the information necessary for the work to be submitted to the Catalogue Raisonné Committee for consideration.

All information is strictly confidential.

The Fitzgerald Legacy

In 2003, Anne M. Hubert announced the gift of the remaining Fitzgerald Estate to the Monhegan Museum. The James Fitzgerald Legacy was established and continues the work begun by the Huberts: to preserve, protect, and promote his work and continuing as stewards of the historic Rockwell Kent buildings. The Legacy, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, operates within the framework of the Monhegan Museum, and is comprised of dedicated volunteers and the Fitzgerald Legacy Advisory Board:

Robert L. Stahl, Director
Daniel J. Broeckelmann
Susan Danly
Edward L. Deci
Jennifer Marr
Susan Strickler
Carol A. Stahl

Catalogue Raisonné Staff:
Robert L. Stahl, Director
Susan Danly, art historian
Jennifer G. Pye, Chief Curator, Monhegan Museum of Art & History